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Free Consultation

LASIK and PRK Free Consultation


Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts?  Eye Care Guam is proud to offer the only bladeless, ALL-LASER LASIK in Guam! “ALL-LASER” means that instead of using a blade to make a flap in the cornea, we use a “femtosecond” laser to create this flap. 

The flap is lifted, and a second laser, called an “excimer” laser, is then used to reshape the cornea, and the flap is replaced.

Corneal Flap replaced by the LASIK flap

Your journey to GET OUT OF GLASSES

Pre-Sreening Questionnaire

Complete and submit our online pre-screening questionnaire.


Free Consultation

Our LASIK counselors will contact you to review your pre-screening data, and if necessary, ask some clarifying questions. You will have the chance to review pricing and financing options, and if you are still interested in proceeding, they will schedule you for your no-cost LASIK consultation and preoperative evaluation. At your consultation we will confirm you’re a good candidate for laser vision correction, finalize the treatment plan with your surgeon, and book your surgery date!

Laser Vision Correction

Complete your surgical procedure with your surgeon and enjoy your new vision!

How Much Does It Cost?

Market research from 2020 reported an average price of $2632.00 per eye for laser vision correction. The price can vary widely, depending on factors such as geographical market, the type of lasers/technology used, bundled costs (diagnostic testing and postoperative drops), and surgeon experience and reputation. We aim to price LASIK near the national average, and are partnering with local insurers to offer discounts when able. You are likely to SAVE money in the long run, with the cost savings for eyeglasses and contact lenses.  See for yourself using our LASIK Cost Analysis.

If you have a tax-free Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can pay for your LASIK surgery with pre-tax dollars, which can reduce your taxable income and in effect save you 20-30% on the cost of the procedure.

Beautiful eye

Preparing For Your Free Consultation

  • The goal of the free consultation / preoperative evaluation is to confirm that you’re a good candidate for laser refractive surgery, and to finalize your treatment profile. 
  • The free consultation does not guarantee that you will still be a good candidate for refractive surgery. That said, very few people are NOT candidates for laser refractive surgery, and other options may exist besides laser vision correction to achieve spectacle free vision.
  • By undergoing your free evaluation you are not committing to proceed with surgery, but the hope is that you already have an understanding of the costs and time commitment and are in good faith willing to proceed if everything checks out!
  • If you are a contact lens wearer, discontinue contact lens use at least 24 hours prior, and preferably 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • If you wear RGP (rigid) contacts or scleral contacts, please discontinue their use 1 week prior to your appointment.
  • The visit is likely to take 1-2 hours, and will involve dilating your eyes. The dilation is an important part of your exam to help determine: candidacy for surgery, risk factors for complications, and to verify your prescription and potential treatment profile. Due to the dilation, we recommend having a driver at this visit.
  • Upon completion of your preoperative consultation, your surgeon will review all the data and make a determination for your candidacy for surgery. If you are agreeable to proceed, our surgical coordinators will schedule a time and date for your surgery.
  • Review the LASIK / PRK treatment page (link to page) to familiarize yourself with the procedure and so that you can come with questions for your counselor and provider.
  • If working or in school full-time, for LASIK you should be aware you’ll want to take off a minimum of 3 days for the procedure and recovery, but this can vary.

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