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LASIK Cost Analysis

How Much do Glasses and Contacts Cost You?

LASIK Cost Analysis

Save Money with LASIK

LASIK surgery can save you thousands over a lifetime by eliminating the recurring expenses of contact lenses, cleaning solutions, and eyeglasses. Discover how LASIK can be a cost-effective solution for your vision needs.

How Much Will You Spend On Glasses And Contacts?

Have you ever thought, “I’d love LASIK if it were more affordable?” Consider the ongoing costs of glasses, contact lenses, supplies, and annual optometry visits. A one-time LASIK procedure can be much more economical.


You could potentially

be spending


on glasses & contacts

over your lifetime

For example, if you spend $500 per year on prescription glasses, frames, contact lenses, and optometric visits, that amounts to $10,000 over 20 years—more than double the cost of LASIK.

So, the real question is, "Can you afford to keep wearing glasses and contacts?"

To further assist you in saving on LASIK, we’ve joined forces with CareCredit. With CareCredit, you can kickstart your LASIK eye surgery or any vision care procedure right away and manage payments over time with affordable monthly installments. Read more about how you can save money while prioritizing your eye health here.

LASIK and PRK at Eye Care Guam

At Eye Care Guam, we are committed to delivering exceptional eye care with the latest technologies in refractive surgery. Our skilled team, led by Dr. Lombard, specializes in LASIK surgery, ensuring precise and outstanding visual results.

We also provide Photo Refractive Keratectomy (PRK), ideal for patients with thin corneas or high-risk professions. For those not suited for laser correction, we offer Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), replacing the natural lens with an intraocular lens (IOL).

Every patient at Eye Care Guam receives a personalized treatment plan tailored to their unique vision needs. To get started, complete our pre-screening questionnaire below. After submission, a member of our team will review your information and contact you to schedule an appointment.